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RC Marlen has written an Historical Saga:

G R I S T: A Story of Oregon Country, 1835-1854

Denied recognition and acceptance by the white people in Oregon Country, Margaret Jewett Bailey, the first novelist of the Northwest, faded into oblivion after an attempt was made to destroy all copies of her novel. Although she and her husband William J. Bailey arrived in the mid-1830s and worked beside well-known historic figures such as Jason Lee and John McLoughlin, today few know of the Baileys. Why? Their story is explosive.

In 1835, William arrived at the Methodist Mission with a long tomahawk gash in his face and later would avenge the attack; in 1837, Margaret was among the first seven white women to arrive by ship from eastern United States, and she quickly made enemies of the missionaries but friends of the Kalapuyan tribe. Their story presents surprising views of historical figures and events from a perspective not usually seen.

Although the dialogue and one fictional family are creations of the author RC Marlen, events in this exciting historical novel were written to show the accurate history of Oregon Country, 1835-1854.


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