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RC Marlen's Mysteries involve the on-going family saga of the Bartletts and Scagliones. Each book stands alone and can be read in any order. Neverthless, after reading one, you will want to know more about the mysteries in the Bartlett and Scaglione families. Historical events are woven subtly into the stories and give the reader a feeling of the times.

Tangled Threads - A Family Saga based on real lives
St. Louis, Missouri, 1896 through 2000.
Tangled Threads is a novel based on the lives of the author's parents. The story covers a century and recreates the life and love of John and Ellie Bartlett. In a page-turning mystery, RC Marlen writes about a perplexing aspect of her mother's life that was solved with the death of her father. The ending will take your breath away.

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Inside the Hatboxes
In 1932, a fortuitous crime leads to a mystery that forever binds two families, the Scagliones and Bartletts. Tony Scaglione is a firefighter and John Bartlett a druggist. Their lives entwine through illnesses, unforgettable young love, a haunting rape, and an untimely death. Surprises come with each chapter, building a complex relationship between events, characters, and emotions.
While a mystery of family ancestry unfolds, pending disaster looms over the characters. Only the reader knows that the original crime must resurface from the depths of the past, where the two families have tried to bury it. And it does!


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The Drugstore
During 1955, neighborhoods in St. Louis flooded with change and prejudice after Brown vs. Board of Education. In the Bartlett family drugstore, stories unfold of ordinary people's strife, like the fire at Miss Pansy Dimestore and Mr. Joe's murder. Becky Bartlett, whose father runs the corner drugstore, wants to help solve these crimes and all the holdups. Becky and her brothers get caught in a whirlpool of crime on Park Avenue. After one brutal holdup, Becky flees from Freddie Payne who had tried to rape her. Soon he starts calling her, and she realizes that he always knows her whereabouts.
Nothing can stop the demise of the neighborhood, but can Becky outwit Freddie Payne?


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