RC Marlen's "Unbeknownst II" is a book about Time Travel to Oregon

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Author Nel Ramcer with Dr. John McLoughlin
back in 1845
(He does look rather stiff, doesn't he. )

Wow! Where do I begin? You won't believe what I'm going to tell you, but I must share this. I stopped updating this website and have taken so long to get back to you because ... it seems that I was transported to Oregon in 1845. See! I knew you would NOT believe me. Well, whether you believe me or not, I have written about my experience in this new book.

When I told Joe Meek that people would not believe me, he gave me this signed photo to bring back with me. He is quite a mountain man and has so many stories of his days fur trapping with Doc Newell. Read his stories in this book.

The following historical characters are in Unbeknownst II: Robert Newell, Joe Meek, Albert Bayless,
James Saules (but he likes to be called "Black Saul")
and Margaret J. Bailey. (She and I have become such good friends.) And I met about 30 more historical people. __________________________________________

Unbeknownst II
Read about TIME TRAVEL to 1845.

Metis woman who met RC Marlen in 1852. She showed RC how to make the basket from red cedar.




Basket/vase made with red cedar with
flowers from Margaret Bailey's garden