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RC Marlen finished Drop of Fire in 2009:

A Drop of Fire:
A Story of Gypsies and A

Granada, Spain
: Among the caves of Sacramonte where the Gitanos live, the gypsy Carmensita is murdered while wearing a ruby necklace on her wedding night. Her grandmother names the necklace - The Gypsy's Teardrop - and places a curse on it seconds before the Italian bridegroom Regalito snatches it and flees.
Milan, Italy: Unknown to Regalito, his brother Antonio watches him, as he buries the necklace after three women die because they wore it. Antonio takes the cursed ruby and disappears from his family.
St. Louis, Missouri in USA:
Soon after arriving in United States, Antonio walks into the Great Fire of St. Louis to discover his destiny of firefighting, but The Gypsy's Teardrop causes untimely deaths and he can't rid himself of this curse. Finally his wife Ilse suggests a solution; Antonio thinks it works, but he will have the surprise of his life ... as will the reader.





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