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RC Marlen (a.k.a.Rosalie Marlen Schele) spent her first forty years in St. Louis, Missouri. While growing up, she lived with the six Marlen siblings and worked in the family drugstore which provided much of the material for her novels Inside the Hatboxes and The Drugstore.

After college, she taught Mathematics, earned a Masters, started a business in Los Gatos, California teaching adults about computers, and then fell in love with Henry Schele who took her to live in Chile and Argentina for fourteen years. In the year 2000 she finished Inside the Hatboxes and three months later became a widow.

Now she lives in beautiful, verdant Oregon. She still owns a home in San Carlos, Chile - a pueblo six hours south of Santiago. In the future she plans to write about South America.


Rosalie and friend Lalo in Santa Cruz, Chile - Photo by Fduardo (Lalo) Keymer August 2005


House in Chile is SOLD